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NTNU Athletes Try to Impress the Public on the Tracks

<p>By Vita Lin<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>On the second day of the Sports Day of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), lots of contrasts among participants marked its &ldquo;variety&rdquo; in the track fields this year.</p> <p>For the cheerleaders around the track, coordinators of the sport constantly blamed their enthusiasm with loud music for keeping the race from proceeding, while Wang Cheng-yu (王正宇), a 5000m amateur racer, appreciated the passion of cheerleaders.</p> <p>&quot;I want to thank all the cheerleaders, students from Department of Mathematics in particular. At the latter part of the race, I ran out of my energies every half track.&nbsp; I was greatly encouraged by their cheers,&rdquo; he said.</p> <p>For the trial matches in the morning, some runners took easy to the finals in the afternoon, while others were quite stressed because of their outstanding records in the past and expectations from others and themselves.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>As ex-winner of 100m and 200m races last year, Liao Chun-kai (廖俊凱) agreed that he felt more pressured to take part in the race.&nbsp; Despite the championship of 1500m race of non-professionals of men the previous day, Chao Yu-shiang (趙昱翔) said that he was so nervous that he might let down his friends who expected him to bring back the gold medal.&nbsp; He won over another gold metals for 5000m non professional race as well.&nbsp; But freshmen in Department of Physical Education mostly expressed their sense of ease during the trials.</p> <p>The reason why people took part in the track fields varied from one to another, some for the final scores or honors of their own departments. Others aim for personal achievement or self-realization.</p> <p>The hurdle race-winner Chen Cho-zi (陳萩慈) said that everyone were bound to participate in as many events as possible to win over the integration for his/her year in Department of Physical Education.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;What really matters is the team, &rdquo; said Hsieh Wen Chuan (謝玟娟) from Graduate Institute of Exercise and Sport Science and a key figure in the trial 4&times;100m relay race of amateurs.&nbsp; Students of the graduate institute of sports agreed that the spirit of &ldquo;cooperation,&rdquo; which motivated them to participate in the relay race with the concern of safe and peace.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;I just want to realize my dreams in the childhood,&rdquo; said Su Ying-ning (蘇怡寧), winner of 60m race for non-professionals of women.&nbsp; Yu Chen-fu (游陳富), Chao Yu-shiang (趙昱翔), Locasion Liu (劉權賢), winners of 100m hurdle race, 1500m/5000m race, and 200m race respectively, are all seniors and said that they wanted to have a record as a memento in the last year of college .<br /> &nbsp; <br /> Another climax was the 2400m Relay Medley for non-professionals.&nbsp; It showed the inclinations of different departments in two diverse ways. Runners from some departments spared no efforts to finish the dash while others put more emphasis on their originality in the relay race.</p> <p>There were also some departments that applied the two strategies.&nbsp; A team of Department of Human Development and Family Studies was strolling with a pig head at the cost of rule violation, whereas another team made all efforts to finish the line.</p> <p>Teams of Department of Mathematics also tried hard to strife for place and impress the audiences with alternative style in the competition.&nbsp; Wearing hats for construction workers and carrying cones during the race, the team caught people&rsquo;s attention successfully.</p> <p>For the same department, another contrast occurred on the last round of the relay game. Because of their perseverance to finish the game, their final team was the only runners on the track even though groups from other departments all gave up the race at the end of the day.</p> <p>Most runners considered they could do better but some were satisfied with the results.</p> <p>&quot;I am on the way of progress, &rdquo; said Xie Jia-jun (謝佳鈞), who won the championship in 200m race, 400m race and caught up and proceeded forward in the 4&times;400 relay race.</p> <p>&quot;I did not expect anything and it turned out to be unpredictably great,&rdquo; said Wang Kin-fung (王健峰), the winner of 60m race this year.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>