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Reshuffle: Music College Branches Out

<p align="justify"><font face="Arial"><font face="Arial">BY AN-LIN SUN<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; In the forthcoming semester, anyone searching for colleges at NTNU on the Internet will find a new name titled &ldquo;College of Music&rdquo;.&nbsp; The College of Music consists of three departments: &ldquo;Departments of Music&rdquo; (including undergraduate and graduate programs), &ldquo;Cultural Institute of Ethnomusicology&rdquo; open for graduate students, and &ldquo;Graduate Institute of Performing Arts,&rdquo; all of which were previously affiliated under the &ldquo;College of Fine and Applied Arts.&rdquo;.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jui-Kun Hsu, Dean of both College of Music and College of Fine and Applied Arts, considered it necessary to differentiate music departments from art departments, although pursuit of beauty is characteristic of them.&nbsp; With the reshuffle, music departments become distinct from art ones and obtain more attention and budgets to develop.&nbsp; Hsu said with proud that the department of music at NTNU is always famous for its outstanding performance and classical tradition&mdash;ranked the first choice than other music cultivation institutes.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Although the department of music at NTNU features solid and complete training of classical music, Hsu admitted that it may be dangerous to stick to traditional ways of performance and marketing.&nbsp; To follow the trend in such a technological century, the College of Music will place more importance on digital music production and innovative ways of music marketing.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With the establishment of the College of Music, it is hoped that its prospects will be brightening and that more elegant and euphonious music will come to existence, pumping vitality and variety into our life.</font></font></p>