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Life Benefit Card Only For The NTNU Alumni

The benefit life card published by NTNU and the NTNU Alumni association will continually send to every association throughout the country.

NTNU Students Won A Prize 2009 National Microcomputer Application System Design Competition

Led by Professor Lu Yo-Sheng, Xiao Rui-Wen, Zheng Bai-En and Lin Zong-Xian, students from the Department of Mechatonic Technology, NTNU, attended the 2009 National Microcomputer Application System Design Competition, and won Good Work Prize.

The Improvement of The Lin Kou Division

The division of overseas Chinese students had been combined with NTNU for three years. Since 2006, NTNU had made a lot of effort in constructing the Lin Kou division, to give students a better place to study.

Joint Birthday and Christmas Party for NTNU International Students

How do foreign students spend their Christmas in Taiwan? The Office of International Affairs held a joint birthday party for international students born in December.

2009 Hoping Download Lit Up Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

NTNU organized the 2009 Hoping Download that would send 100 students from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macau to senior high schools in remote areas during the coming winter break.