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NTNU Library Add 33000 E-book

Taiwan academic e-book accociation held the 2010 member meeting in NTNU library today, to report the achievement of universities worked altogether buying and sharing e-book plan.

To Give Service Had To Be Trained The Experience of Being Goodwill Ambassador

NTNU office of university relations held the 5th goodwill ambassador selecting camp. The principal Chang Kuo-en visited personally and cheered for the students.

[Character Interview] Information Center Director Chen Po-lin.

The new upcoming information center director Chen Po-lin mostly focused on teaching and researching and didn’t have much administrative experience, but he hoped to give services to NTNU through this chance.

To Eat To Play To Have Fun All on Sunlight Boulevard Exotic Carnival

The international culture week held by the office of international affairs began officially on March 15th.

NTNU and Conservatorio Di Musica Niccolo Piccinni Established Cooperation Exchange Program

The Principal Dr. Marco Renzi and the piano professor Francesco Monopoli represented Conservatorio Di Musica Niccolo Piccinni and signed the cooperation memorandum with the music department, agreed on exchanging students.