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A Concert to Sing the Praises of Li Shu-De, Taiwan’s Mother of Violin

Professor Li Shu-De, the mother of violin in Taiwan, turns 80 years old this year. In order to celebrate the event, the Department of Music, NTNU organizes a concert to rejoice over the occasion as well to praise the educational achievements of Li.

NTNU Lion: The First Large Public Artwork on Campus

The first large public artwork in NTNU is presented in front of the eyes of all NTNU students and faculty at the beginning of this semester.

Happy Learning Room Opens for Students and Teachers Alike

Due to the fact that there’s insufficient diversified leaning space on the main campus, starting from school year 2009 – 2010, the Centre for Learning and Teaching Development will turn room 104 in the Pu Classroom Building into a Happy Learning Room to join the already existing English Chatting Room (Pu 102) and English Self-Study Centre (Pu 101).

Lin Shu-Zhen: Boundless Creativity is the Basis of Cultural Creativity Industry

This year, President Ma declared that cultural creativity to be listed as 1 of the 6 key emerging industries in Taiwan, and the Executive Yuan announced that NT$ 30 billion would be devoted in 4 years.

NTNU Releases Creative Commemorative Merchandise

NTNU releases a series of commemorative merchandise, including cups, T-shirts, note books, etc. Some of the images printed on these merchandise include a calligraphy piece written by noted calligrapher Dong Yang-Zi, NTNU’s school flower, and other photography of the campus.