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2009 Taiwan Musicology Forum

Co-hosted by the College of Music, NTNU and Taiwan Musicology Forum, the 2009 Taiwan Musicology Forum was held on November 27th and 28th at the Education Building, NTNU. Scholars from all over Taiwan got together to contribute their opinions, hoping to promote the quantity and quality of Taiwan’s academic research on music.

2009 Symposium on Graphics Arts and Communications

The Department of Graphics Arts and Communications, NTNU held a symposium on graphics arts and communications on November 26th and 27th.

The Ministry of Education Sends Official Employment Certificate to Professor Chang Guo-En to be NTNU’s 13th President

The Ministry of Education sent an official employment letter to NTNU on November 13th, inviting the current Vice-President Chang Guo-En to be the 13th president of NTNU. After careful consideration of the Selection Committee, Professor Chang was chosen to be the new president of NTNU.

Retired Professors Win Life Achievement Award by the Ministry of Education

NTNU retired physical education professors Zhu Yu-Hong and Qi Pei-Lin were awarded Life Achievement Award by the Ministry of Education on November 23rd as a praise to their significant contribution to the physical education in Taiwan.

Employment and Study Abroad Fair Leads One’s Way Into the Future

In order to fight against unemployment, NTNU held the second employment fair in 2009 after the successful run of 520 My Turn To Work. The second employment fair, on November 25th, incorporated consultation for those who wish to study abroad.