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Meet the School Bird- Malay Night Heron

You can sometimes hear special birds singing in the school campus. Do you recognize the birds? They often strolling the grassplot of campus. The name of the bird is Malay Night Heron, the bird of NTNU.

The Vice President of the Université d’Angers Visited NTNU Expecting for More Interaction

The vice president of the Université d’Angers, John Webb, and the head of sightseeing department, Philippe Violier, visited NTNU today. The exchange student from Université d’Angers, Camille Besançon, also participated in. The head of European Language Department, Lai Shou-Cheng indicated that the students in the department went to Rome, Italy to research and study last year, this year was to the Université d’Angers in France.

NTNU Green Campus Attracts Hong Kong University Students Come to Visit

NTNU is an outstanding school in Taiwan green university, for example, the ecology pond and the roof farm. The ecology pond has the purification of waste water function.

Principal Kuo Treat Meal for NTNU Professors

onight, principal Kuo held a dinner as a thanksgiving meal before he retired. He indicated that he was just represented all of the students in NTNU to give thanks to the professors. If it weren’t for their hardworking, NTNU wouldn’t have such high praise in today society.

“Do and Learn, Learn and Do” The Meaning of Learning Service Program

In order to let the teachers and professors had more understanding about the learning service program (section two), the student business office invited the professor, Lin Chen-Chun, and the vice professor, Huang Yu to give a lesson to the teachers who were opening the classes.