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Chen Chiao Ying Receives 1 Gold 1 Silver in Finswimming World Cup 2017

Chen Chiao Ying, a graduate student in NTNU majoring in Physic Education who joined the CMAS Finswimming World Cup in April 24th to 25th in Olsztyn, Poland, brings back one Silver and one Gold. She achieved 17.47 in the apnea of 50 meters. Chen will be at Wrocław for her next game from July 20th to 30th for the World Game.

Wen Tzu Yun Ranked No. 1 in the World in Women's Karate

The latest Ranking of the World Karate Federation was released in April 22nd. Wen Tzu Yun, now a graduate student at NTNU, is ranked number 1 with 4515 points. If she keeps up her hard work, she might be able to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

IHRD Received Two Honors in Educating International Students

NTNU was excellent in pushing the program of “International Higher Education Scholarship Program” and “TICA Cooperation Program of International Quality Assessment”, taking back two honorable awards at a time.

NTNU Visited Four Universities in Tokyo for Cooperation

NTNU has established a close relationship with higher education in Japan. Earlier this year, Tsukuba University and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology came visited NTNU. In April, Vice President Wu Cheng Chih led a group of officers and administrators to Japan visiting Meiji University, The University of Tokyo, Rikko University and Nihon University. The group includes Vice President of International Affairs Yu Kuang Chao, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Chen Deng Wu, Dean of the College of Education Chen Hsueh Chih, Chairman of the Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature, Nikky Lin, Assistant Professor of the Department of History, Chou Tong Yi and Student Mobility Manager Daniel Lin from OIA. In addition to the discussion of future cooperation with the four universities, NTNU has signed the Agreement for Cooperation with the College of International Communication of Rikko University and College of Humanities and Sciences.

GF-EMBA Brings Creativity into the Fashion Industry of Taiwan

The EMBA in Global Fashion, focusing on nourishing the talent in branding, marketing and fashion management, held the welcome party at Grand Hotel and presented their work of fashion. Model Lin Yu Li, President Chang Kuo En, CEO Hsia Hsueh Li and Designer Huang Hsiu Chin prepared the symbolic code that represent the five ethnic groups in Taiwan.