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2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Ceng Shi-Qiang (NTNU Professor)

Graduated from the Department of Industrial Education in 1957. He is a MA in Educational Administration and a Doctor in Philosophy. He’s been studying Chinese-style management for more than three decades, and is called “the father of Chinese management”, a Chinese who knows all Chinese the most. Back in 1953, Ceng told us, he was attracted by the newly established department, which cooperated with Pennsylvania University and offered students further study in the US after their graduation. Coming from a poor family, this skinny boy grew into a stronger youngster mentally and physically during his stay in NTNU.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Qiu Huan-Tang (Ceramist)

A MA student in the department of English graduating in 1958, as well as a retired NTNU professor of the same department, Qiu Huan-Tang has devoted himself into the world of ceramics for over four decades. He is the first Taiwanese artist to introduce contemporary western concept of ceramics creation into Taiwan. He believes in breaking free from the limitations of material and conventions when creating ceramics, and a great many of his students later becomes outstanding ceramists. NTNU, for Qiu, is not only his school and workplace, but also where he met the loves of his life – his wife and ceramics.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Tyzen Hsiao (Honorary Advisor for Tyzen Hsiao Foundation)

Graduated in 1963 from the Department of Music, Tyzen Hsiao was a composer, pianist as well as a conductor. He was dubbed as the “Rachmaninoff in Taiwan, the last Romantic pianist/poet”. Having a pianist mother, Hsiao started to learn piano at the age of five and showed a talent for piano performance and composition early in his music career. “All my achievements in music needs to be accredited to the teaching and cultivation of NTNU,” Hsiao said thankfully. He still considered NTNU to be the best music education he had ever receive in his life full of music.

Annual Pacific Circle Consortium Conference

The 33rd Annual Pacific Circle Consortium Conference opened on May 26th at the College of Education Building, NTNU. This was the first time ever that the Pacific Circle Consortium Conference was held in Taiwan. This event thus had its significance other than its academic importance. Besides educationalists from all member countries, Zheng Rui-Chen, Minister of Education, was also there to show his respect to the organization. This consortium conference would last for three days, in which papers by scholars of different nationalities would be published and ideas of education would be exchanged.

Scholarship Offered by the Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism

To encourage NTNU students to actively conduct researches related to European cultures and tourism, Professor Li Ping-Zi, former chairman of the French Language Center, has been donated scholarship to the graduate institute every year for outstanding students. This year, Chen Jin-Yu, a second year graduate student, and Jiang Yi-Ru, a first year graduate student, were awarded with 50 thousand dollars each. Professor Li was a NTNU alumna who went to France for further study. After her return to Taiwan, she became a professor at the English Department, NTNU. Li was the founder of French Language Center.