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NTNU, Chi Mei Museum and National Palace Museum Present the Legend of Italian Violins –Treasures of Chi Mei Museum

Chi Mei Museum will cooperate with National Palace Museum, NTNU, among others, and present an exhibition entitled the Legend of Italian Violins –Treasures of Chi Mei Museum.

Taiwan Championed International Earth Science Olympiad Three Years in the Roll

Hail for Taiwan! The 3rd International Earth Science Olympiad, which was held by Taiwan this year, had its closing ceremony in NTNU hall on September 21st. All 4 Taiwanese contestants won gold medals, which brought another first place in international group ranking.

Endless Evolution: the Encounter of Artists and Darwin

Darwin discover evolutionism at the age of 26. His theory has rocked the biosphere for 150 years, and influenced mankind deep and far. Yang En-Shen, an eco-artist as well as the deputy director of the Creative Industry Centre, NTNU held an exhibition in the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, entitled Endless Evolution: the Encounter of Artists and Darwin.

NTNU Regarded as the Top School of Physical Education

Knowing the grades of the joint college entrance examination, students needed to submit a priority list of departments that they wished to go to, and now the result of the distribution has been published as well. The Department of Physical Education, NTNU, remained to be the top choice of high school graduates.

NTNU Alumna Wu Qing-Ji To Be Minister of Education

Graduated in 1973 from the Department of Education, NTNU, Wu Qing-Ji will become Taiwan’s new Minister of Education. He has full educational experience – including primary teachers and several administrative positions in the Ministry of Education.