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Chiayi Club Helps Deliver Love and Chocolate

The Chiayi Club, a student club of Chiayi natives, said that they would help its members forward their love and care to their beloved ones by delivering chocolate to them around Christmas.

Library Ally, Maybe?

Fifty librarians from six normal colleges sought for potential ally relationship between libraries and post graduate students' dissertations online for free downloads when they met during a conference at National Taiwan Normal University's (NTNU) library today.

Holmes Rolston III Urges Students to Love the Planet More

World-renowned philosopher Holmes Rolston III shared his view of the complicated relationship between the nature and human beings during a speech at the National Taiwan Normal University's (NTNU) auditorium today.

More Passionate Young Students Begin Their Journey to Become Journalists

Thirty-three National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) students went through their first day at the campus reporter boot camp, as senior journalist Catherine Lin (林意玲) guided them through the seven-hour seminar at Cheng 105 today.