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Chinese Chatroom Launched

Non-Mandarin speaking students at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) would have their own wonderland to improve their Mandarin skills, as the Office of International Affairs (OIA) organized and launched the “Chinese chatroom” today.

Music Students Enjoy the Honorable Moment

Seven music students, as the best of their kinds, enjoyed the privileges to perform with National Taiwan Normal University Orchestra during the annual "The Night of Concerto” at the auditorium on the campus today.

Documentary Shows NTNU Alumnus' Efforts on Saving Formosa Black Bears

A National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) alumnus was highlighted during the premier of a documentary by Government Information Office (GIO) and National Geographic Channel at the auditorium on the main campus today.

Malaysians Impress the Public at Fair

Malaysians tried to impress the public by traditional dancing and dishes at the International Culture Fair on the main campus today.

Indian, Macau and Hong Kong Students Catch Everybody's Eyes during the International Culture Fair

Indian, Macau and Hong Kong students were highlighted on the third day of the International Culture Fair, held by the Office of International Affairs, today.