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A Welcome Lunch Party for International Students

Invited by the International Affairs Office, many international students in NTNU join together to enjoy a welcome lunch party specialized for them. The party ends with a farewell show in which students, wearing their conventional costumes, say ‘good bye’ in their own languages.

Welcome to NTNU
2007 Freshmen's Introductory Ceremony

Nervous, excited—and a little bit stiff. More than 1’500 freshmen congregated in the auditorium this morning. Ushered by one or two “counseling students” of their own departments, freshmen are arranged to seat on their allotted seats. The first speech given to them was made by Yih-Shun Gou (郭義雄), President of NTNU. He expected the students under the stage to enrich their capability of languages-- not only their native tongue and English, but also other languages. ...

New Access for Foreign Exchange Students to Join NTNU

BY AN-LIN SUN When speaking of foreign exchange students in NTNU, the first impression in mind may be the Mandarin Training Center, which prepares these students an array of Mandarin learning courses. Other than classroom curriculum, learning tour, or reunion party, what else can NTNU provide for these foreign students to take part in the school activities opening to all students at NTNU? Do they have adequate information and access to get in touch and communicate with Chinese students?