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NTNU Grasps Drive Control Chip Technology Through Collaboration with Industry and Academia

The magic newspapers with moving pictures as shown in the Harry Potter movies are going to become reality. Through collaboration with industry and academia, the Department of Applied Electronics Technology of NTNU has grasped the key technology of drive control chip and has developed bendable, foldable, easy-to-carry e-paper that can display motion pictures. The next important objectives will be adding colors to the e-paper and integrating it with soft solar cells.

CD-ROMs of Holistic Education Project Given to Freshmen to Raise Awareness for General Knowledge

Thanks to the collaboration among teachers from 12 departments/graduate institutes at the NTNU, a knowledge database of holistic education, comprising 1000 entries, has been built. Now apart from taking general education courses, freshmen are also encouraged to take a knowledge quiz on these entries.

NTNU Launches an E-Portfolio System to Push for Holistic Education

In an attempt to promote the idea of holistic education and help students to expand their knowledge in liberal arts, the NTNU has launched an e-portfolio system for students to keep a record of their work and learning achievements, and has also created a knowledge database of holistic education and encouraged freshmen to take knowledge tests in the coming years.

Teaching Excellence Project Presented Outstanding Outcome

On April 27th in Conference Room A, NTNU held a conference to exhibit the current results of the Teaching Excellence Project. Principle Guo remarked that NTNU should take an innovative approach on this project and become a pioneer in Taiwan’s education reform.

Combining Theories and Practice to Improve Reading Teaching Quality

In order to improve the quality of Taiwanese reading classes, NTNU held a Forum on Theories and Practice for Teaching Reading. 30 papers were published, including outcomes of researches conducted by university professors and teaching examples presented by elementary and middle school teachers.