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NTNU Swim Team Pledged to Win NIAG

2009 NIAG (National intercollegiate Athletic Game) was impending. NTNU swim team were in a good shape, confident in continuing the history of winning the most gold medals. Some of NTNU’s good swimmers graduated and entered into post-graduate programme, making training more difficult than before, said the Coach Zhang Chuan-Ling.

2009 NIAG Spokesmen Announced

National Intercollegiate Athletic Game (NIAG) is the yearly grand occasion in Taiwan’s sporting world. This year, the game will begin on the 2nd of May in NTNU. Organizer, NTNU,

Tennis Grandmaster Lu Yan-Xun Cheered for 2009 NIAG

Lu Yan-Xun, a 1st year student in Graduate Institute of Athletic and Performance, NTNU, was highly expected to be the spokesperson for the 2009 National Intercollegiate Athletic Game held by NTNU.

NTNU Became Crowned King and Queen of Volleyball

Followed by the good news from the men’s basketball team of NTNU, the men and women volley ball team defeated the Taipei Physical Education College this March, and won the championship of UVL University Cup for the second year in a roll. The training process for the men’s team went swimmingly, remarked the coach Chang En-Chong. As for the women’s team, he continued, it was more difficult because the team had undergone some restructuring, leaving players with less experience and less positive mindset. However, the two teams showed great sense of unity, a key factor to their winning.

NTNU’s First UBA Championship After 22 Years

NTNU did not repeat the close loss in the University Basketball Association (UBA) last year. With deafening cheers from the audience, it defeated Chinese Cultural University (CCU) with 84:62 and won the first UBA Championship in Men Division ever in NTNU history.