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Ning Xia University Visited NTNU

Secretary of Party Committee Jin Neng Ming from Ning Xia University, vice President Xie Ying Zhong, Director of Central Party School Gao Yong Xing and Director of the Communication Office Gao Gui Ying visited NTNU on 23rd of March. President Chang welcomed them in person and administrative leaders from Ning Xia University learned more about NTNU.

Aim for the Top Through Creative Teaching

For the past three decades, National Taiwan Normal University has been the leader in the field of education, Chinese language and art and other humanity subjects. What’s more, we have been actively involved in creative teaching, bringing unique teaching method in Mandarin for Freshmen and English Remedial instruction.

College of Liberal Arts Visited Three Universities in Germany

Dean of College of Liberal Arts Chen Den Wu and other professors visited three Universities in January and signed the agreement of academic and student exchange. The universities are University of Münster, the University of Heiderburg, the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Internalization in NTNU: More Than Exchange

Whether exchange programs or dual degree programs, which have been popular recently, they all start from Taiwan and bring students abroad. However, students who can have the opportunity to be in the program is still a minority. Their experience of learning overseas cannot be extended to other students.

Scholars from Japan Visited the College of Liberal Arts

Associate Professor Hirano Yuichiro from the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science of University of Tsukuba, Associate Professor Shibasaki Shigemitsu from the Humanities National Museum of Japanese History and Takemoto Taro from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology visited NTNU on February 15th. They visited the College of Liberal Arts under the accompany of Prof. Liaw Shyue Cherng from the Department of Geography, Dean Chen Den Wu and Vice Dean Liao Po Sen welcomed the guests together.