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Lin Shu-Zhen: Boundless Creativity is the Basis of Cultural Creativity Industry

This year, President Ma declared that cultural creativity to be listed as 1 of the 6 key emerging industries in Taiwan, and the Executive Yuan announced that NT$ 30 billion would be devoted in 4 years.

NTNU Releases Creative Commemorative Merchandise

NTNU releases a series of commemorative merchandise, including cups, T-shirts, note books, etc. Some of the images printed on these merchandise include a calligraphy piece written by noted calligrapher Dong Yang-Zi, NTNU’s school flower, and other photography of the campus.

Wenhui Plaza: A New Sight on Campus

As the new school year begins, many NTNU students notice that there are some changes on the campus, including the resting area on Sunlight Boulevard and the benches in front of the Wenhui Student Lounge.

Department of Music Cultivated Omnibearing Talents For 60 Years

Since its establishmentin 1946, NTNU’s Department of Music has been the top cradle and has nurtured numerous outstanding musicians and music teachers for Taiwan in the past 63 years,

Guesthouse Opening – the 1st Step towards Industry-University Cooperation

The new NTNU guesthouse, located on the 8th floor of the Union Building, had its opening tea party at the noontime of September 30th. In order to heat up the atmosphere, the guesthouse invited lion dance performers to perform at the opening.