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Removed or Not, CKS Statue Still Hot

Graduate Institute of Performing Arts Associate Professor Jerry Hsia (夏學理) climbed up to the Chiang Kai-shek (CKS, 蔣介石) statue on the main campus this morning, put on a pair of fancy shades and a shopping bag in the statue’s hand as his students organized a promotion activity in front of the statue for their opera Hansel und Gretel, which will be shown at the auditorium on May 16 and May 17.

Diversed Turkey Mixes Everything

Turkish culture and food were introduced and presented during the international culture activity, held by the Office of International Affairs, at the International Lounge today.

The Country of Love Featured during Event

Slovenia was featured and introduced at the International Lounge today, while the Office of International Affairs resumed its weekly introduction of different countries.

Arts and Music to Be Experienced during Festival at NTNU

Arts will be seen, heard and experienced on the main campus from now on until the end of June, as the annual “2008 Arts and Music Festival” was launched today.

Documentary Shows NTNU Alumnus' Efforts on Saving Formosa Black Bears

A National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) alumnus was highlighted during the premier of a documentary by Government Information Office (GIO) and National Geographic Channel at the auditorium on the main campus today.