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Japanese Students Introduce Their Culture at the International Lounge

Japanese culture was highlighted during the weekly international culture activity at the International Lounge this noon.

HK Philanthropist Tin Ka-ping's Name Is Recognized

Hong Kong entrepreneur and philanthropist Tin Ka-ping's (田家炳) passionate and generosity in education were recognized and affirmed when the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) decided to rename its Extension Division for Continuous Education as “School of Tin Ka-ping” (田家炳學苑) this afternoon.

Weekend Flea Market Opens

The National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) decided to make the best use of the pedestrian’s underpass that goes through Hoping East Rd. in front of the front gate of the main campus before it is closed for renovation in January by launching a weekend flea market this afternoon.

Temple University Signs Education Deal With Six Local Universities

Students from six local universities will have a chance to finish their undergraduate and graduate education within five years, as these universities signed a contract with Temple University at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) this morning.