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NTNU Delegation of Multiple Colleges Visits Seven Universities in Vietnam for Student Recruitment

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, the number of Vietnamese international students studying in Taiwan has been increasing year by year and ranks first among foreign students in the past three years. As for National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), there were a total of 1,626 international students in 2022 (12% of the total student number), with Vietnamese overseas students ranking third (153 students), following Malaysia and Hong Kong. However, in terms of foreign students (excluding overseas Chinese students) and master's and doctoral students, Vietnamese students rank first in the university. Therefore, Vietnam is a key recruiting country for NTNU.

NTNU Delegation Visits Kyushu to Expand Academic Relations

In order to expand cooperation and exchanges with Japanese universities, President Cheng-Chi Wu of National Taiwan Normal University led a delegation to Kyushu University and Kumamoto University on 17-20 January 2023. The delegation included Vice President for International Affairs Yi-De Liu and Dean of the Faculty of Science Jein-Shan Chen, Dean of the College of Technology and Engineering Ching-Min Cheng, Professor Cheng-Huang Lin of the Department of Fine Arts, and Professor Hsiang-Lin Liu of the Department of Physics. During the four-day visit, the delegates not only visited the campus and laboratories of the two universities but also met with their presidents, vice presidents for International Affairs, and professors specializing in science and engineering.

First Overseas Recruitment of NTU System After the Pandemic

National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology are top universities in Taiwan as comprehensive, educational, and technical vocational universities respectively. In March 2016, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of“National Taiwan University System”as an alliance in order to integrate, share resources, strengthen teaching and research, expand services to the society with the goal to become the world's top university system.

NTNU Establishes Strategic Relationships with Top Universities in the United States

Vice President of NTNU Yung-hsiang Frank Ying led a delegation to the United States recently, visiting Purdue University (QS ranking 129th), Pennsylvania State University (QS ranking 93rd), University of California, Santa Barbara (THE ranking 64th). NTNU has met with Purdue University in regards to partner universities and Taiwan Huayu BEST Program; deepened collaboration as strategic partners and held the workshop under the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program at Penn State University; and met with the principal and Chinese teachers at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This trip not only promotes the exchanges between NTNU and well-known universities in the United States, it is also a great opportunity to reinforce our strategic partnerships and expand the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program.

Transnational Education with Kyushu University: Online Learning Platform and Dual Degree Program

Cultivating students' global thinking, enhancing international mobility and learning is one of the key projects of National Taiwan Normal University in promoting internationalization. With the powerful trend of globalization, "transnational education" is booming among higher education institutions around the world. Although traditional student and teacher exchange abroad, distance teaching are still the mainstream of transnational education, under the influence of increasingly fierce competition in higher education, low birth rate, and the pandemic, transnational education is undergoing unprecedented changes and innovation.