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Director Zuim from NYU Takes NTNU by Storm

Dr. Ana Flavia Zuim, Director of Steinhardt School Vocal Performance Program, NYU, brought to more than 600 audiences a marvelous feast for consecutive five days. One forum, four public master class with more than 200 non-NTNU students' participation.

Speaker from NYU with Broadway experience comes to NTNU

Director of Vocal Performance Dr. Ana Flavia Zuim will be at NTNU on May 20th for a master class, held by the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts. Dr. Ana Flavia Zuim is a renowned vocal instructor, collaborative pianist and musical director.

2017 Taipei International Ink Painting Exhibition Took Place

Ink painting has become an important medium for cultural communication, which not only expresses the thoughts of the artist but also represents the generation, the society and the local culture.

Mountains and Seas-A Chinese Rock Musical in NTNU

According to Prof. Gao, the script Mountains and Seas was derived from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, which he kept true to the original. The highlight of the play is that it re-organized the complex story and lots of characters and explicitly record how the ancestors describe the universe.

Prof. Gao Xingjian shares his creation path of Soul Mountain and Mountain and Sea

The first Gao Xingjian Art Festival was held in May in the name of the Nobel prize receiver. On May 20th, Prof. Gao visited NTNU and shared his experience of writing Soul Mountain and Mountain and Sea.
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