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Professor Jian-xing Li was entitled as honorary professor of NTNU

Professor Li graduated from the Department of Adult and Continuing Education. He is devoted in education and was the first national education doctor. Even though professor Li worked for many different associations, he always remembers what he learned in NTNU.

Interview Lin Yi-chun --A Track and Field athlete

Interview Lin Yi-chun -- A Track and Field athlete

The Only Taiwanese Candidate to Get the Best Job in the World

To be the caretaker of Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia could be said to be the best job in the world. The salary for 6 months was as high as NT$ 3.38 million dollars.

NTNU Sculptor to Become Highlight of Beijing Olympics

Taiwanese artist’s masterpieces will be seen during Beijing Olympics, as National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) Graduate Institute of Design student Arthur Yang (楊奉琛) said today that he is designing a park for displaying sculptures next to the Olympic stadium.

NEWSMAKER – Korean Soccer Mom Fights for Her Sick Son

International student Myeong Hwa Park from Korea has been the everybody-ought-to-know character in the Department of Special Education (SPE) because the 43-year-old soccer mom is working on her degree only for her sick son.