Director of Institute Denis Diderot
University of Burgundy, France

Veronique Parisot

Understanding Interculturality and Organizing Professionalization: Managing an International Master's Degree in France
The management of an international master’s programme in culture raises specific issues. First it is necessary to immerse students in the local culture, introducing them to the workings of the urban area and its region. These different local experiences engender a group spirit and the collective intelligence that emerges is then applied to implement joint cultural projects. While knowledge of their own culture is an asset, the language barrier can interfere with their integration into the world of work. The second issue relates to their “professionalisation”. As culture is a sector with more than two hundred different occupations, it is important that they understand the geographical, administrative and professional territory so they can quickly build up a network to acquire practical experience through the co-organisation of projects, internships or work contracts. All these experiences are synthesised in a final research paper for a viva voce examination.
Véronique Parisot is an associate professor in private law. After obtaining masters degrees in English studies and in international law, she defended a PhD thesis in international law entitled “Essay on the Legal Notion of Cultural Property”. She has experience of teaching abroad (Italy, Russia, Japan) and acted as advisor for the European mission in the international relations department at the University of Burgundy. She has directed the Denis Diderot Institute’s Department of “Culture, Education and Training” for ten years now. The Institute has three master’ degree courses, one of which specialises in international cultural management.