Dean of Global Engagement
University of Glasgow, UK

Konstantinos Kontis

Internationalization of Higher Education in Taiwan: Strategies of NTNU & Discussion
Prof Konstantinos Kontis (Mechan Chair of Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Dean for Global Engagement): A world-leading authority in aerospace engineering including integrated wing technologies, air-transport systems and space access, and multi-disciplinary applications of aerodynamics, shock physics, wind tunnel testing, flow control and diagnostics. He has published more than 300 articles including 131 journals, 9 book chapters, and 3 books including an edited two-volume compendium on ShockWaves published by Springer. His publications embrace both scientific fundamental research and practical engineering applications. As Dean for Global Engagement – East Asia & China, he carries the regional strategy responsibility to shape the future of the University's international activity and deliver on the internationalisation objectives as well as to facilitate more effective relationships with the Colleges. The focus is on global engagement, partnership development, attracting outstanding students, and building business and industrial links.