Executive Director
Fulbright Taiwan

Randall Nadeau

Comprehensive and Responsive Internationalization: Building Infrastructures to Support a Vision of International Cooperation
Former President Donald Trump terminated the Fulbright Programs in China and Hong Kong in July 2020 by executive order, resulting in the transfer of 34 American scholars and students to Taiwan for AY 2020-2021. But even before this, US scholars and graduate students have increasingly applied for Fulbright awards to Taiwan to pursue research on Chinese language and literature, imperial history, and the social sciences.

This presentation explores how Taiwan can become a center for Mandarin learning and Sinological research in the coming decades.
Randall Nadeau is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan), effective August 1, 2019. Professor Nadeau enjoyed an academic career as a Distinguished Professor of Religion at Trinity University spanning twenty-five years. He is the author of several books and articles on Asian religions, including research on religion in late imperial China, religious life in modern Taiwan, definitions of “religion” and religious concepts in East Asian traditions, and religion and identity. He has taught courses on Cultural Perspectives on Asian Religions, Buddhist Ethics, Japanese Literature of the Spirit World, Approaches to the Study of Religion, Personal Identity in Historical Perspective (a course on the history and society of Taiwan), Being Young in Asia, and Happiness.

Dr. Nadeau was a Fulbright scholar hosted by the International College at Tunghai University (Taiwan, 2014-2015) and a faculty development consultant at Rikkyo University (Japan, 2018-2019). He has participated in faculty-led study abroad programs in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. He is devoted to international education, inter-cultural exchange, and multi-disciplinary research.

A passionate believer in Fulbright’s values of internationalization, diversity, free inquiry, generosity and service, Dr. Nadeau has overseen a period of unprecedented growth in the Fulbright Program in Taiwan, with nearly 400 American and Taiwanese grantees per year.