Vice President for European and International Policy
University of Burgundy, France

Gregory Wegmann

The European Higher Education System: Description, Strengths and Weaknesses
Gregory Wegmann's lecture is about the European higher education and research system. After recalling the origins of European integration in the field of higher education and research, the speech describes the main characteristics of this system. The European construction is built on the principle of subsidiarity and certain competences are transferred to the European level. This is not the case for higher education and research, where the principle of progressive convergence of national systems prevails, with each state remaining sovereign in this area.

In particular, European harmonization in terms of diplomas, teaching credits, research and quality assurance will be presented. The Erasmus + program is an opportunity to explain how the European Commission deploys a tool to promote the mobility of students, teachers and researchers. The Horizon Europe program allows the deployment of tools for research on a European scale.

The conference will also address the future of European construction in the field of higher education and research. Possible developments will be discussed and a specific project will be presented. This is the initiative launched in 2017 to build European universities. The European alliance Forthem coordinated by the University of Burgundy is presented in this context. The objective is to discuss the interest of this model and to consider future perspectives.
Gregory Wegmann is Professor of Management at the University of Burgundy, France. He holds a PhD in management from the University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne. His research focuses on comparative management control. After having served as an embassy attaché in China, Gregory Wegmann has been appointed as Vice President of the University of Burgundy since 2012. After having served as vice president in charge of teachings, he is currently vice president in charge of European and international policy. He is at the origin of the creation of the Forthem European alliance with the University of Mainz in Germany.