President, National Taiwan University

Wen-Chang Chen

President Wen-Chang Chen is a leading scholar in optoelectronic polymers, block copolymers, and polymer composite optical film. He served as the Dean of the College of Engineering from 2017 to 2023 before assuming his role as the thirteenth president on January 8th, 2023.

President Chen was born in Taichung County in 1963 and received his bachelor degree in chemical engineering from National Taiwan University in 1985. He later embarked on his academic journey abroad and obtained his doctorate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Rochester in 1993.

President Chen’s academic excellence is reflected in the diverse awards and honors presented throughout his career, including the honorary doctorate degree from the University of Grenoble Alpes, Taiwan Ministry of Education National Chair Professorship in engineering and applied science, Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials Academician, and the United Kingdom Royal Society of Chemistry fellow among others. Moreover, prior to the university presidency, President Chen acted as the President of the Federation of Asian Polymer, the President of the Polymer Society, Taipei, and the Polymer Program Coordinator at Taiwan National Science Council.

During President Chen’s time as the Dean of the College of Engineering, he exhibited exceptional fundraising capability and acquired an abundance of resources for the college. As the president, he hopes to apply previous experiences and achievements to the university-level, not only elevating the university’s fundraising practices and productivity but allocating necessary resources to promote an internationalized and inclusive educational environment.

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