Coordinator, Erasmus Mundus Program EMMaH

Alexandre Wallard

Alexandre has over 18 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical and clinical CRO business. Alexandre started his career at GSK Pharmaceuticals in Hamburg, Germany and Schering-Plough in Brussels, Belgium before moving to the clinical CRO business at Syneos and now IQVIA. He is a trusted and respected professional, speaking at various conferences and also contributing to numerous publications. At IQVIA, Alexandre initially served as Director of Business Development in the Trial Design and Site Enablement group, aiming at pushing the boundaries when it deals with clinical technologies applied to protocol design and patient recruitment, also supporting the need for diversity in clinical trials across various AI/ML algorithms. Nowadays, Alexandre is dedicated to full R&D business in the midsize and biotech segments in Europe.

On the academic side, Alexandre is Associate Professor at the University of HealthCare Engineering ILIS Lille, France since 2009. As first double graduated student between ILIS Lille and the Faculty of Health Science HAW Hamburg in 2007, Alexandre took over the role of Main Coordinator of the Euro-Asian Master in Medical Technology and HealthCare Business (EMMaH) in 2021 and contributed together with the 3 University partners (HAW Hamburg, IPP Porto and TMU Taipei) to the prestigious award of the ERASMUS MUNDUS label from the European Commission in 2022 and a grant of 3,7mio Euros.

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