Vice-President, International relations, University of Lille

Nil Toulouse

Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse is professor of marketing at the University of Lille. She has been a regular visiting professor at the University of Southern Denmark, at the University of Galatasaray and at the University of Ege, Turkey.

Her research topics focus on theoretical issues in transformative research and in consumer culture theory (consumer resistance, ethical consumption, acculturation, identity projects), social marketing and public policy implications (e.g., energy efficiency, immigration, fair trade, sustainable development).

Her research has appeared in Organisation Studies, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, Marketing Theory, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Marketing Management, etc. She also served as a co-editor for Marketing management: a cultural perspective (2020, Routledge) and co-author for Le commerce équitable: entre utopie et marché (2008, Vuibert).

She is a co-founder and former president of FairNESS (Network on Exchanges in Social Sciences). She has been the editor of the Journal Recherche et Applications en Marketing (2014-2018). She is currently serving on the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Recherche et Applications en Marketing, and on the Editorial Review Board of Consumption Markets & Culture, Journal of Marketing Management, Qualitative Market Research and Journal of Marketing in Brazil. She remains active in the French Marketing Association, the Association for Consumer Research, and the Consortium of Consumer Culture Theory.

She is currently vice-president in charge of Scientific edition and Open Science at the French Marketing Association.

Last publications:
• BECK M. and ÖZÇAĞLAR - TOULOUSE N. (2023), Assessing the Impact of Energy Labels on Attitude and Behavioral Intention: An Empirical Investigation, Journal of Cleaner Production, 45,
• SCARANO M., REGANY F. and ÖZÇAĞLAR - TOULOUSE N. (2023), L’engagement du consommateur envers la marque : mise en perspective et voies de recherche, Recherche et Applications en Marketing,
• BENMECHEDDAL A., NGUYEN N.N. A. and ÖZÇAĞLAR - TOULOUSE N. (2023) The micro dynamics of participation in collective market work: The case of Community-Supported Agriculture in France, Journal of Business Research, 157,
• WIART L., ÖZÇAĞLAR -TOULOUSE N. and SHAW D. (2022), Maintaining Market Legitimacy: A Discursive-Hegemonic Perspective on Meat, Journal of Business Research, 144, 391–402.
• ÖZÇAĞLAR -TOULOUSE N. (2021), Recherche et Applications en Marketing at the heart of changes in the world of research, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 36 (4),]
• NGUYEN N.N. A. and ÖZÇAĞLAR -TOULOUSE N. (2021) Nation Branding as a Market-Shaping Strategy: A Study on South Korean Products in Vietnam, Journal of Business Research, 122, 131-144.

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