Vice-President of Internationalisation, University of Bordeaux

Joanne Pagèze

British and passionate about languages - French in particular - Joanne Pagèze graduated with a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge and received the agrégation for English in 1996 in Toulouse.
In 1998, she was recruited as an associate professor (PRAG) at Bordeaux Segalen University in the Department of Languages and Cultures. Joanne Pagèze is fully involved in the teaching of scientific English, particularly in the life and medical sciences at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and is interested in innovative practices in language learning, multimedia tools and scientific communication.
In 2003, she obtained an Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in English for Scientific and Technical Purposes, which explores the use of metaphor in the biological sciences.
Being close to lecturers and researchers in the biomedical sciences is what led her to experiment with co-teaching English and biology starting in 2006, and to closely accompany the development of international training and discipline-based teaching in English.

These experiences led her to explore different teaching and learning methods in multilingual and multicultural classes. In 2014, with her colleagues, she set up the IdEx programme International Challenge/Défi International, a pedagogical and linguistic support system for teaching in English that accompanies the development of international Master programmes. Awarded the PEPS (Passion Enseignement et Pédagogie dans le Supérieur) (in French) prize in 2017 and a partner in the European EQUiiP project, this initiative was a first step in supporting the development of inclusive and accessible internationalisation, consistent with the evolution of the educational offer.
As Vice-President for nternationalisation since 2018, Joanne Pagèze has been continuing her mission to support internationalisation with a training offer featuring international experiences very early in the degree programme for all students as well as attractive international degrees, based on research topics. In the context of the pandemic, new opportunities for hybrid or distance collaboration have emerged. That diversification is definitely an opportunity to be seized to promote internationalisation.
Joanne Pagèze was appointed Vice-President for internationalisation of the University of Bordeaux in February 2022 by Dean Lewis.

Key dates
1992 - Master degree, Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge (England)
1996 - Agrégation teaching diploma for English
1998 - Associate Professor of English, Bordeaux Segalen University
2003 - Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) - English for Specific Purposes, ENS Cachan
2014 - Head of the International Challenge/Défi international programme
2018 - Vice-President for internationalisation, University of Bordeaux
2022 - Vice-President for internationalisation, University of Bordeaux

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