The establishment of the Department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture (ACLC) in 2007 was an urgent response to the shortage of overseas Chinese language teachers. The department then merged with the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Overseas Chinese Education and Studies in 2012 to offer a wider range of courses and programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs focus on the training of teaching and research talents in Chinese language, culture, and global Chinese education. The department’s goals are to combine digital learning technologies and Chinese language resources from local and overseas to facilitate coordinated studies; nurture talents in the field of overseas Chinese education and studies.

There are 11 full time professors in the department with varies specialties, including teaching Chinese as second language, linguistics, literature, overseas Chinese education and culture.

The department’s goal is to cultivate professional Chinese language teachers in digital technology application, and overseas Chinese education. Our curriculum framework includes theoretical, practical, and visionary characters. We also provide a great flexibility to our students in their elective courses. Through our continuously effort in forming international academia relationship with varies universities, our students can now take advantage of completing their teaching internship in varies countries. By offering international training opportunity, we hope our students could broaden their knowledge and improve their practical skills.