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A Virtual Midsummer Night’s Farewell to NTNU International Graduates

When you see the blooming Golden Shower trees, you know the graduation season is coming. Students are counting down their final days at school. Countless memories were made on the campus and the graduates-to-be are seizing their opportunity grasping the last moments as college students.

Nobel Laureate Dr. Queloz Speaks to NTNU about Exoplanet

The Center of Astronomy and Gravitation, established earlier this year, gathering a group of researchers in different background of earth science, physics, and mathematics. On May 25th, the center invited Nobel Laureate Dr. Didier Queloz to give a virtual speech about the exoplanet revolution. He introduced the audience with the challenges and recent progresses in this new field of research and will touch upon the emergence of a new paradigm for the origins of life on Earth.

Gongguan Campus of NTNU, home to College of Science

When speaking of NTNU campus, most people would think of the historic buildings located on Hoping East Road, the Main Campus. However, the Gongguan Campus, not far from Gongguan Station, is home to many students majoring in science. It is closer to NTU and NTUST with International Conference Hall, branch library, laboratories, and observatory.

NTNU Teams up with NTUH for Finding Out Alzheimer’s Disease with Blood-testing Technique

With the coming of aging society, the number of patients suffering from dementia is increasing, accounting for 8% of the elderly population, nearly 300,000. It is a heavy burden on family and social medical care. In the past, the Alzheimer's disease was often diagnosed by NMR. The Institute of Electro and Optical Engineering of National Taiwan Normal University work with the Department of Neurology of National Taiwan University Hospital for the ImmunoMagnetic Reduction (IMR) Assay.

Message from the President

Despite of the outbreak of the global pandemic, Taiwan has been able to keep it under control through joined efforts of all the people in Taiwan in the past year. However, with an increasing number of new confirmed cases, on May 15, it was announced the alert level in Taipei City and New Taipei City would be elevated to Level 3. NTNU has been informed that one of the confirmed cases is an NTNU student. Since the student is only experiencing minor symptoms, on the recommendation of the governing health authority, the student has been placed in solitary quarantine. The student is not a resident of university dormitories, and all faculty and students who had come into contact with the said student have been asked to take precautionary measures. Locations the student visited had also been decontaminated.