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Online Forum of Asian Youth Education Development in 2020

The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students organized the 2019 Asian Youth Education Development-Secondary School Principal Forum last year, inviting principals from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar to Taiwan to discuss the current situation of secondary education and topics on school management, which were highly praised by the attendants. Therefore, this year, the Division organized the "Asian Youth Education Development in 2020: Secondary School Progression Policy and Approach Forum-Internationalization Experience Dialogue". With the impact of the Covid-19, it is decided that the forum will take place online.

2020 Asia-Pacific Education Held Online

The goal of Asia-Pacific Association for Teacher Education, an association initiated by the College of Education of NTNU, is to develop teacher education and teacher training strategies in the Asia-Pacific area. This year, the forum, held on November 13, is moved online but the discussion remain heated. The Forum aims to provide a platform for participants from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region to share their educational experiences and inspire possible cross-border academic cooperation.

2020 Special Education International Conference at NTNU to Promote Inclusion Education

Inclusion in education refers to a model wherein students with special needs spend most or all their time with non-special needs students. Since 1990s, inclusion education has become prominent in special education. In order to promote the theoretical development of inclusion education and the exchange of experience in the Asia-Pacific region, the Special Education Center of National Taiwan Normal University was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to conduct the "2020 Special Education International Conference: Inclusive Education and Career Development " from November 2 to 4. Special education scholars and experts in Taiwan and abroad were invited to attend the forum online.

Bilingual Education Workshop at NTNU, for a Bilingual Country by 2030

In order to achieve the goal of Taiwan becoming a bilingual country by 2030, countries and city governments have begun to plan and implement bilingual courses in all levels of education, establish bilingual experimental schools, improve our people’s English proficiency through bilingual education and cultivate bilingual professionals. To strengthen the training of bilingual teachers, the Colleague of Teacher Education invited Dr. Keith M. Graham plans a series of in-school bilingual teacher training activities and cultivates the skills of bilingual curriculum planning and practice for pre-service teachers

Full Semester of MTC Online for an unlimited Chinese Learning Environment

Campus around the world are closed due to the impact of COVID-19. Mandarin Training Center at NTNU now launches online courses for a full semester. Students and those who are interested in the beauty of Chinese words can learn at home without the limit of boundaries. MTC Online help overseas students and professionals realize the dream of “learning Chinese at home” through synchronous teaching platform and internet.