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Experienced Teachers Shared Tips with Students about Practicum

 Students who want to be teachers need to be intern in senior or junior high school before they apply to quailed teacher. In order to help those students know more about educational practicum, Office of Teacher Education and Career Service of NTNU held a study group, inviting several experience teachers to share some tips.

        Group leader, professor Jia-li Huang said that students should be well-prepared to be an intern. In school, showing your active and positive learning motivation would give you adviser a good first impression. More important, you need to be humble and willing to communicate.

        Also, when students want to post words on their personal blogs, they still need to be aware of appropriate wording to avoid misunderstanding. Meanwhile, students should identify themselves. Being a role of intern, they need to show their professional skills including designing course project, assignment and activities, etc. In that case, they can learn more while teaching and find their own education belief.