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Full Semester of MTC Online for an unlimited Chinese Learning Environment

Campus around the world are closed due to the impact of COVID-19. Mandarin Training Center at NTNU now launches online courses for a full semester. Students and those who are interested in the beauty of Chinese words can learn at home without the limit of boundaries. MTC Online help overseas students and professionals realize the dream of “learning Chinese at home” through synchronous teaching platform and internet.

Number of Double Major and Minor in NTNU Increased Due to Change of System

In response to social development and the need for cross-disciplinary talents, National Taiwan Normal University encourages students to learn in different departments as double major and minor. The original audition system will be replaced by registration. The number of students as double major and minor increased significantly. It is expected that more than 50% of students will enroll in courses from different department by 2025. In addition, the National Taiwan University system is working on cross-university enrollment. Last year, a student from the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature was admitted to the Department of Construction Engineering in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

The International Outlook of NTNU, best in Taiwan Universities in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020/2021

Times Higher Education has announced the latest World University Rankings 2020/2021 in early September and National Taiwan Normal University is ranked 606th in the world, 46 places higher than last year. A closer look at the various indicators reveals that NTNU's score for International Outlook remains top 1 in Taiwan. The score of our Research results rose dramatically, which proves that the measures taken for improving the quality of paper and internationalization are effective ones.

Message from the President of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

As we embark on a new semester, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all faculty, staff, and students back to campus, whether you are returning from a summer break, or just beginning your first term.

The Opening of Global Research & Industry Alliance(GLORIA) at NTNU

The open ceremony of GLORIA@NTNU was held on July 16. The Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) Centered on Universities combining the advantages of cross-field and interdisciplinary integration, focusing on the three major areas of "smart education, Chinese language technology, and healthy living". The goal of GLORIA is to take advantage of diversified industry-university cooperation and connect the world. Guests from the industry gathered to witness the team of NTNU exerting its strengths and bringing fruitful results.