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The Institute for Research Excellence of NTNU to shine Internationally

Since 2013, under the support of the National Science Council, we started a Institute for Research Excellence In Learning Sciences with Pennsylvania State University. In 2018, we have received the fund from the Global Taiwan of the Higher Education Sprout Project from the Ministry of Education.

Beauty of language in words, sounds, not rules: Tang Prize laureate

The beauty of language is not necessarily dictated by linguistic features but by the way words and sounds are associated, Stephen Owen, a Harvard Sinologist and a 2018 Tang Prize laureate in Sinology, said at National Taiwan Normal University on Sept. 26.

NTNU, NCCU and NTUST work with Nanyang Technological University for Creativity Program

National Chengchi University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology work with Nanyang Technological University for creativity program "Three For One Course". The opening ceremony of "Three For One Course", which is the first cooperation between the three universities, was hosted by Vice President's representatively. This is the first creativity program by universities in Taiwan and it last five years.

AIT and NTNU Team up to Bridge the Achievement Gap

Members of AIT and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) held a press conference today to commend the great progress made by a group of Hualien students learning English. This project, led by Fulbright alumni at National Taiwan Normal University, was one of 68 projects selected out of 1,014 project submissions from around the world and the only one from Taiwan. About 20 junior high school students who barely knew the English alphabets had made a tremendous progress and could order in English, sing English songs and become more confident using them.

Taiwan Hostfamily Program For Foreign Students

Doan Thi Thom, a Masters student in the Chinese Language and Culture Department of National Taiwan Normal University, traveled from Vietnam to Taiwan in September last year. When she misses family, she wanted to speak with Vietnamese people but there are not so much Vietnamese students in the school.
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