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NTNU Teacher Teaching Improvement Workshop

 In order to enhance the new teachers’ teaching profession, NTNU Center of Teaching and Learning Development held the two days teacher teaching improvement workshop meeting on February 21st and 22nd. The workshop invited 5 professional lecturers to talk about the teacher qualification. The lecture not only attracted the new teachers to participate, but also senior professors and teaching assistances. 

The workshop topics included communication techniques, effective teaching, program design, sexual equality education, copyright and usage, and teaching evaluation. The multi-topic effectively helped teachers to understand the societal changes and the ability required. 
The workshop invited professor Chen Yu-wen from National Taiwan University department of social work, professor Chang Su-chen from National Taiwan Normal University office of teacher education and career service, professor Lin Shi-hua from department of educational psychology and counseling, lawyer Lai Shu-ling, and the vice president Wang Chi-hsiang from Genus Intellectual Property Office.
The lecturers shared their own experiences with the new teachers. Professor Chang Su-chen indicated that teachers’ duty was not just finished teaching but to cooperate with students’ needs. The workshop organizer Hung Jen-chin indicated that NTNU appreciated everyone’s participation. Center of teaching and learning development would arrange more activity in the future.