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2012 International Cultural Week On the Campus

The annually international cultural week held by overseas student association and office of international affairs took place from March 19th to 23rd on the sunlight boulevard. The most traditional cuisine the overseas students brought from their hometown was provided and some featured accessories for sell.

Students from Hong Kong sold the curry fish egg. They shipped the ingredients directly from Hong Kong to Taiwan. It was hard to taste the traditional curry fish egg in Taiwan.

Students from Malaysia prepared Bak Kut Teh for Taiwanese students. Feng Chao-chiang from department of civic education and leadership was the chef of the Malaysia stand for continuously four years. His Bak Kut Teh was sold out in fifteen minutes. He appreciated Taiwanese students to like and support his hometown food.

The Turkey stand was the new member this year. Cheng He from department of Chinese language and culture for International Students introduced the traditional Turkey rice pudding and the handicrafts. He enthusiastically introduced the beautiful spots and history in Turkey.

Overseas students hoped to promote the hometown culture and features through the international cultural week.