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NTNU and Peking University Signed Exchange Students Contract

 The academic exchange between China and Taiwan reached another milestone today. NTNU department of physical education and Peking University Graduate Institute of Physical Education and Science signed the contract to exchange two students every year. Department of physical education was planning on enrolling Chinese Ph. D students in the future.

Department of physical education had 66 years of history. It was the first physical education teacher-training department in Taiwan. The department studied national sports policy; academic development and training had a great contribution. Recently, the department was actively promoting the international sports games and the sports issue between China and Taiwan. Until now, the department had already signed the contract with Beijing Sports University, South China University of Technology, and Beijing Normal University, South China Normal University. 
NTNU had trained lots of Olympic games contestants through the years. For example the archery national player Yuan Hsu-chi and Lei Chien-ying, badminton national player Cheng Shao-chie and Chien Yu-chin, tennis national player Lu Yen-hsuen, swimming national player Nie Pin-chie, air pistol national player Tien Chia-chen, and also a national softball team based on NTNU college of sports and recreation. 
The dean of college of sports and recreation Chang Shao-shi indicated that Peking University was the top outstanding university in China. Although the graduate institute of physical education and science only founded for three years, it had placed in the top in China. NTNU hoped through the exchange program, students could gain more.