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NTNU Signed the Contract with National Immigration Agency


NTNU signed the cooperation contract with National Immigration Agency on March 21st; both sides would cooperate to promote multi cultural activities. National Immigration Agency even provided the internship chances for NTNU students and would assist overseas students to fasten the affairs procedure.
NTNU was reforming to the comprehensive university. Besides the teacher education, the school actively built up students’ ability in every aspect. The cooperation with the National Immigration Agency opened up more possibilities for students in the future. Principal Chang Kuo-en indicated that the cooperation not only made the overseas students visa applying more convenient but also provide a chance to intern in National Immigration Agency, for different kind of experience. Office of teacher education and career service Li Yung-hsu indicated that 10 students could have the chance to intern every semester.
National Immigration Agency was promoting multi cultural respect and human right issue in the recent years. Through the cooperation, the National Immigration Agency hoped to develop the concept in university. One of the reasons they chose NTNU was because most of the international students studied in NTNU and they came from over 80 countries in the world. And National Immigration Agency needed a lot of interpreters.