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NTNU Department Of Physic Education Signed Exchange Contract With Peking University

 Peking University graduate institute of physic education professor Chang Jui called on NTNU on March 22nd. The purpose was to sign up the exchange students contract with NTNU department of physic education. Director of department of physic education Cheng Shao-yung held the contract signing ceremony, looking forward to more cooperation between Taiwanese students and Chinese students in the future. 

Department of physic education greeted the guests from China with the traditional dragon and lion dance. Director Cheng Shao-tung indicated that NTNU had signed the MOU cooperation agreement with Peking University last year. He appreciated Chang Jui and the dean of college of sports and recreation Chang Shao-hsi’s efforts and supports to complete the contract signing.
Professor Chang Jui indicated happily that NTNU and Peking University were just like a family. NTNU had more than a hundred years history. Many outstanding students were now teaching in Peking University. Recently, 24 subjects in Peking University were listed as top 100 in the world. He believed the cooperation would benefit both sides.
The dean Chang Shao-hsi indicated that NTNU awarded the outstanding university program from Ministry of Education last year. Through the contract, NTNU could have more cooperation with Peking University. The contract provided two students to exchange to Peking University.