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Liang Shih-chiu’s Former Residence Opened Up On March 30th

 The renowned educator Laing Shih-chiu’s former residence officially opened up to public for free on March 30th. The last Friday every month, 2 to 5 in the afternoon, the school ambassadors would lead the public to see the former residence. NTNU would also provide the tour to the Liang Shih-chiu featured collection room in NTNU library, to introduce Liang Shih-chiu’s precious works.

Presently, there were four renowned litterateur’s former residences opened up to public, Chi Chian-mu, Lin Yu-tang, Yin Hai-guang, and Hu Shi. NTNU repaired Liang Shih-chiu’s former residence, since it completed last October, now opened up to public after half of a year plan. It became the fifth litterateur’s former residence in Taipei. 
Liang Shih-chiu had taught at NTNU for 17 years. Besides teaching, he translated the complete works of Shakespeare into Chinese and brought out a series of English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries. 
The former residence was divided into 5 areas, Liang Shih-chiu’s life, Liang Shih-chiu’s former residene, Liang Shih-chiu and NTNU, Liang Shih-chiu and Shakespear, and Liang Shih-chiu and his works. In order to make the public understand more about Liang Shih-chiu, NTNU invited the retire professor from department of English Teng Yi-lu and the former residence repairmen in charge Hu Tsung-hsiung to train the school ambassadors to be the guides for the tour.