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The Outstanding Alumnus Yang Yi-chien Donated A Million For Construction Fund

 NTNU the first alumni association member Yang Yi-chien donated a million NT dollars to NTNU construction fund on March 15th. He supported the new building construction and hoped to attract more alumni to donate money to NTNU. He expected to leave his name on the campus building in the future for his posterity to commemorate. 

Yang Yi-chien graduated from department of education, year 38, and was the first year of outstanding alumni. He was born in a poor family so he understood the situation of being poor. He helped a lot of poor students to finish the education and he founded Chi Jen High School. He made a lot of efforts on NTNU developments, the alumni building, academic development fund, and Liu Chen memorial fund. He even founded a scholarship in NTNU over 30 years, encouraged students to study hard for decades. 
86 years old Yang Yi-chien was in charge of NTNU fund, alumni affairs for more than 30 years. He was also fully supported when principal Chang eagerly wanted to promote the school construction.