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Eight Schools Participated In National Science Council Moral Education

 NTNU Department of Civic Education and Leadership professor Li Chi-ming held the “Moral Thinking and Communication Approach (MTC)” program final presentation on March 24th. Eight junior high schools and elementary schools in total reported the results.

The MTC was the program researched by National Science Council. In order to deal with the domestic need and the international thinking trend, combined the basic theory and practical strategy, blended the moral education lessons with different kind of lessons. The research results could give the educator a reference. 
The program included four aspects, moral perception, moral estimation, moral dispute, and moral decision, and eight strategies.  The cooperated schools led by each principal to apply strategies on teaching program. The eight schools were Ho Te, Wu Chang, Zhong Shan, Guan Du Primary Schools, and Bei Cheng, Ching Mei, Ching Hsui, Yung Feng Junior High Schools. 
Professor Li Chi-ming indicated that she appreciated eight principals led their school to cooperate with the program. We need a bridge between theory and practical program. NTNU was the head of education and would held more programs in the future. The moral education was very important and we should work hard to practice it.