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Philippines Central Luzon State University Called On NTNU For Education System

 Philippines Central Luzon State University (CLSU) called on NTNU on March 26th. Vice director from office of international affairs (OIA) Liang Yi-ping passionately received the guests. OIA shared the different school academic system in Taiwan and Philippines with six representatives from CLSU and discussed the cooperation possibility in the future.

CLSU initially emphasized on developing human resource management. Gradually provided different types of courses for students to choose from. Combined the agriculture and machinery arts with internship and academic jobs into courses, made the school became known for agriculture in Philippines. CLSU gradually turned into a comprehensive high education university. 
CLSU The dean of college of education Dr. Rhodora I. Dela Rosa led the professors to call on NTNU. They indicated that they were very interested in NTNU internship program and was looking forward to any chance to cooperate in the future. The director from NTNU department of education Hsu Tian-ming explained that NTNU would examine students’ freshman mark to determine the qualification of the education program. 
CLSU indicated that they concerned about the new teacher training. The direct education program would help build the students the attitude to be a formal teacher.