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NTNU and NTU Researched On The Establishment and Reform of Literature

 Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature invited professor Cheng Yu-yu from National Taiwan University Department of Chinese Literature to lecture on “The establishment and reform of literature”. The participated students indicated that they got a lot of advice for their research.

The lecture was opened to public. The participants indicated that this kind of activity was meaningful. Professor Cheng Yu-yu shared her own research as the example. She indicated that we should make the research on the establishment of literature instead of what is literature. Literature was the interaction between writer and reader, the conversation between an individual and a group. 
Vice professor Lin Hsu-hui indicated that NTNU appreciated Professor Cheng Yu-yu to give a lecture on literature. Hope through the interaction, both sides could come up with innovative ideas. At the end of the lecture, professor Cheng Yu-yu gave some advices for graduate students that she suggested students to do the research on different dimension and came up with more possibilities.