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Well-Known Writer Xiao Ye Shared His Study Life

The well-known writer Xiao Ye, who was also the outstanding alumnus from NTNU Department of Physics, was invited to Gong Guan campus assembly on March 28th. Xiao Ye shared his study and learning progress experiences. He indicated that the answers he found in his life, was not because he was smart, but there were many people helping him. 
NTNU principal Chang Kuo-en indicated that besides the professional courses, he hoped students could provide the ability to learn from different areas and live and learn. 
While Xiao Ye was studying in NTNU, he got closer to the nature and learned the meaning of life besides studying all day. His basic training of science and technology helped his works in movie or TV show later in his life. He started to write while he was studying in NTNU.
After he graduated, he studied abroad in United States. He decided to do what he really like the day before he came back to Taiwan. And he started to devote himself in the movie, film the documentary, and discover the history and science in Taiwan. He tried to bring the alternative culture into Taiwan movies and TV shows. He adapted the traditional Taiwanese writers Wang Chen-ho and Huang Chun-ming’s works into TV dramas and he made the drama of homosexual.
Xiao Ye indicated that, studying in NTNU made him wanted to stay pure and simple.