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Nanjing Normal University Called On NTNU For Teacher Teaching and Evaluation

Our sister school, Nanjing Normal University called on NTNU on April 2nd. A group of 22 deans and professors led by vice principal Fu Kang-sheng exchanged some precious experiences with NTNU.

Nanjing Normal University signed the sister school contract with NTNU in 2002. The professors from graduate institute of education and lessons had called on NTNU last year for Taiwan and China academic research. This time they emphasized on the topic of teacher teaching. NTNU center for teaching and learning development director Liu Hsiang-lin explained the center was in charged of teacher’s teaching and student’s activity, assisted students to form the self-study group.

Academic director Chang Lian-hung from Nanjing Normal University wanted to know how to raise teachers’ passion of teaching and the participation on school platform. Director Liu Hsiang-lin responded that the center for teaching and learning development would regularly select the outstanding teachers and awarded them in public.

As for the evaluation part, director of Center of Educational Research and Evaluation Liao Guang-yuan indicated that the center was to do the research on how to evaluate the teachers, and even promote the national policy.

Both schools hoped to have more cooperation and exchange students in the future.