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Harmonica Club Achieved the Excellent Grade on the National Game

 NTNU harmonica club showed the result of the practice in winter vacation with the quartet and won the excellent grade in the National Student Music Competition.

The harmonica club played multiple style of music. Beside the classical music, they even combine it with the pop and rock music. Japanese manga music style was recently showed on the list. The club had about 20 members currently. Welcome students who were interested in the harmonica to join the club.

The song they played in the competition was “Four Brothers”. The club leader Tsai Meng-ju from department of geography indicated that the song was a quartet jezz song and was difficult to play it because it had a lot of syncopations.

 Tsai Meng-ju indicated that harmonica was easy and convenient to carry. Every one could play a couple of songs with it. The harmonica club was going to hold the club achievement show at the end of May. The theme this year was “Toy Story”. Tsaid Meng-ju hoped that the harmonica club would provide people who love harmonica music a free space to develop.