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Breathe For Life- LinKou Campus Assembly

 Did you ever calculate how many times you breathe every day?

NTNU invited alumnus Dr. Huang Hsuan from division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students (division of PPOCS) to give a speech at Linkou campus assembly on April 11th. Dr. Huang indicated that the days in NTNU were unforgettable. Through some U images and clips, he encouraged students to achieve the dreams.

Dr. Huang was from Penang, Malaysia. He came to Taiwan at year 77 and studied in NTNU division of PPOCS. He was admitted to the School of Medicine, China Medical University. Currently served in Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital chest medicine and was the only doctor volunteer in John Tung Foundation in Taichung area. His happiness and passion to life affected a lot of teachers and students under the stage. Dr. Huang mentioned his philosophy of life, “there are a lot of unexpected things happened in life, but we have to use the power of frustration wisely. Face the up and down in life bravely.” He mentioned that students from Southeast Asia might had some hard time to adapt to the winter in Taiwan. “So you have to keep your passion and energy, confident and have the goal in life to face the challenges.”

At the end of the speech, Dr. Huang took the example of seesaw to interpret the up and down in life. Find the balance in life so you will reach the real happiness and success.