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Barcelona- How the Culture Change The City

NTNU Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism invited Dr. Beartiz Garcia from University of Liverpool to talk about how the culture changed a city. Dr. Beartiz Garcia took Barcelona as an example, discussed how the cultural policy affected the development of Barcelona. In connection with the cultural policy and city rebirth, made students understand more about the city development and direction.

Barcelona was the second biggest city in Spain. It took the first step to rebirth through holding the international exhibition. The Olympic game held in 1992, left the world the strong impression of Barcelona. The city art started at the same time. In 2006, the government held the Forum culture activity, built lots of artistic buildings around the city. Barcelona went through a lot of city rebirth, but also left a lot of problems.

The city rebirth policy was to improve the environment or promote the economy. The best policy would still have a flaw. Blindly imitated the successful city would lose the own features and lead to failure. Understand the local needs and based on the own culture were the best way to develop the city appropriately.

Some students asked about the city tourism development, Dr. Garcia indicated that the city should find the unique features to develop the tourism industry. If the tourists saw the same department stores and brands everywhere, there was no need to travel around anymore. This was the important part we should deeply think about.