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Chuan Hsin Industry Chairman Tu Tieh-hsiung Strongly Support Hoping Download

 NTNU held the 3rd “Hoping Download Youth Confucius” activity this year. Chuan Hsin Industry chairman Tu Tieh-hsiung, alumnus from department of Health Promotion and Health Education year 56 promised to donate one million and 500 thousands to the activity.

The 1st and 2nd “Hoping Download Youth Confucius” was a great success. The activity was going to recruit 200 students from Taiwan, China, Macao, and Hong Kong this year, to go to the rural places and teach the minority children.

Principal Chang Kuo-en called on chairman Tu Tieh-hsiung on April 3rd. Tu Tieh-hsiung studied the activities details in the past two years very hard and promised to support the activity for at least three years and donate one million and 500 thousands every year at the day.

Chairman Tu Tieh-hsiung founded the Chuan Hsin Industry. Mainly manufactured bicycle locks and pet supplies. He was also the chairman of Chang Hua golf course and led the national team to participate in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. Besides donating scholarship and sponsored students activity in department of health promotion and health education for years, he assisted Chang Hua alumni association to work. His good deeds had won a lot of praises.