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Indonesia Higher Education Group Called on NTNU for Cooperation in the Future

 In order to promote the academic exchange in Indonesia and Taiwan, the Ministry of Education of both sides cooperated and held the Taiwan and Indonesia Higher Education Forum. The Indonesia higher education group called on NTNU on April 17th, expected to have further cooperation in the future. 

NTNU was a very internationalization university; students from more than 80 countries were studying here. The Mandarin teaching, college of education, and college of fine arts were the pioneer in Taiwan. NTNU principal Chang Kuo-en indicated that it was a pleasure to have friends from Indonesia here in NTNU. Through the visit, discussed more cooperation possibilities in the future, and welcomed students from Indonesia to study in Taiwan. 
Most of the Indonesia representatives were worried about the language ability would be the obstacle to study in Taiwan and the possibility of studying in college of fine arts. The dean of college of fine arts Li Chen-ming indicated that most of the professors provide English courses. 
Presently NTNU had no sister school in Indonesia but a lot of students from Indonesia. The Office of International Affairs expected to sign the sister school contract with university in Indonesia to provide Taiwanese students a chance to study in Indonesia.