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Grand Valley State University Exhibition at No. 16 Chingtian

 United States Grand Valley State University held the final exhibition at No. 16 Chingtian, NTNU Contemporary Humanities and Arts Space on April 19 th. They displayed the learning reflection of studying in Taiwan for three month with several beautiful posters, and deserved much praise from participated teachers and students.

Grand Valley State University was NTNU sister school. A group of students led by teacher Curtis Dean Smith complete the three-month learning in NTNU. They not only improved their Chinese ability but also experienced Taiwanese culture. Teacher Curtis Dean Smith indicated that it was his first time to lead the students abroad for months. Students learned Mandarin in NTNU Mandarin Teaching Center. Curtis Dean Smith taught the culture of Taiwan himself. The homework was the diary, recorded their learning progress and reflection.
Besides learning in classroom, students went around Taiwan. From Taipei to Kenting, students wrote down their journey with words and pictures, shared the Formosa Taiwan in their eyes with everyone.